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With our refundable moving kits, most of our popular aquariums only require 2-4 people. Once you have a good grip and the weight evenly distributed, it really isn't that difficult to move even a very large aquarium. The biggest mistake people do is try to move too much with too few people. Ask a friend or neighbor to give you a hand! It only takes a few minutes to do the heavy lifting.
Our lead times include the aquarium arriving FULLY CURED. Other manufacturers will deliver your aquariums with instructions not to use until a particular date because they are still curing - sometimes several days or weeks after you receive it. Also keep in mind shipping aquariums not fully cured can jeopardize the integrity of your aquarium because the structure can shift during transit. You will receive your aquarium from us ready to use.
Before shipping any order, it is completed strapped down and fully crated. We believe in going the extra mile with our packaging. Even though it costs us quite a bit more it significantly reduces the likelihood of damage on the way to the customer.
Your order will come completely as completely assembled as possible. If you ordered a filtration system and stand we will pre-plumb the pumps and all other equipment. The only thing you will have to do is connect the overflow and the pump tubes to the back of the tank.
Even with moisture resistant material, venting, or perforated material, with the amount of moisture that gradually evaporates from the aquarium you are eventually going to see the canopy deteriorate. This can also cause mold which is bad for your health, can cause the material itself to crack, warp, and bubble. It gets really bad, really quick. For this reason, all the canopies we manufacture are an open concept top.
Yes, A stand can be ordered without a canopy and vice versa, and even better yet, our most popular aquarium sizes have a stand/canopy bundle for additional cost savings.
The frames of our stands and canopies are 100% MADE IN THE USA solid oak and maple canopy from the hardwoods of Wisconsin. The back and top are matching ¾” veneer plywood. Our door panels and sides are also matching veneer plywood with solid hardwood frames. EVEN OUR PAINTED stands and canopies are made from solid oak or maple hardwood. We have attention to detail with our craftsmanship, and there is NO PARTICLE BOARD used in any part of the construction of our canopies. Particle can swell and crack with moisture and is not a good material for any stand or canopy.

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