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MyAquarium has removed everything complicated out of the designing aquariums process. With our simple 6-step aquarium designer all you need to do is follow the steps on screen to give us an idea of what you have in mind and then we will take it from there!

Aquarium Type & Size

First consider the location of the aquarium. The location will determine how big/small of an aquarium you can have. Depending on the size of the aquarium and your budget you can then decide between various types of fresh and salt water aquariums. Salt water aquariums are typically more vibrant, colorful, and can be a re-creation of the ocean compared to fresh water aquariums that typically draws in it colors from plants and rocks.

Stand & Canopy

My Aquarium has many options to choose from!

  • Steel or Wood
  • Classic or Contemporary
  • Different Stain colors
  • Custom wood styles and finishes

Check out our Designer page to see how each option looks


When recreating an ecosystem the proper equipment is key. We have various filtration packages for different price levels and aquarium types.

Aquascaping & Substrate

Laying down the proper foundation is an important factor in any aquarium and a driving factor for different types of aquascaping.


Plants, fish, corals, and other types of aquarium inhabitants- we have access to it all. With access to the best wholesalers we can get anything you want and need for your aquarium.


  • Visual check of fish for head-count, disease, swimming, and breathing rates.
  • Advice on food, livestock, additives and simple maintenance procedures between scheduled visits
  • Visual check equipment, air, and water flow
  • Check color, smell, and temperature of water
  • Ensure optimum aquarium environment and inhabitant health

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